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Community through creativity

Cultivating community through creativity is my strapline. I use creativity as a catalyst  to get people together to find common ground while being creative. Whether that be with a project with a social purpose or just something aimed at fun, and making connections, then this is where you will find me. Combine this with getting outdoors and you have the perfect solution to stress and the inspiration found in nature.

Lincoln Art Ninja’s was founded in 2016 to enable me to support people in becoming more creative, active and make new friends. I now run a vibrant community interest company supporting this work called ActiviTea CIC.

We are all creative and there are definitely no rules, or rights and wrongs! My focus as a practitioner is to support people to overcome their fear of self-expression through gentle workshops and fun projects. Transforming local areas and embracing the local culture creates a society with ownership of its own community and pride in where they live.


I believe that expression is the antidote to depression, mix that in with some fresh air, friends and fun and life can be better. Let’s get creative!

What's coming up...


This week of creative mischief and eco-art is focussed on using 'rubbish' to create art. This is an activity Art Ninja's will be familiar with! Save your best pieces for this showcase to highlight how everything can be re-purposed to create something new.
Contributions from everyone are welcomed, schools and corporate contributors welcomed too. There will be fun awards at the end of the week which attendees will vote for during the week.

What will be happening?
An ongoing community art piece will be being created along with an igloo from milk cartons! Workshops will also be running alongside the exhibition upcycling 'rubbish' into art. 


Open to everyone big and small, lets get creative!

Please get in touch if you would like to get your organisation or school involved.

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